Debra Kahler earned her certification as a Paralegal thirty years ago while living and working in Houston, primarily  in the medical malpractice field.  She found the work rewarding but it proved difficult to continue while raising three children - so, she decided to stay home and raise her children.

She spent twenty years at home, busy as a housewife but also staying very busy with various volunteer work.  She volunteered for the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council, organizing large council-wide events several times each year,  held various positions with the PTO in her children's school district, and volunteered and later worked for dance studios, later going into business co-owning a dance studio with her daughter.

Several years ago, upon relocating to Waxahachie, Debra met Stewart Matthews during a real estate transaction.  She was immediately impressed with his enthusiasm for his legal practice and his apparent desire for fairness and equitability in a world that is often neither.  When Stewart called her and told her he was opening his firm in Ennis, Texas - Debra was thrilled to go back to work as a paralegal in his office.



Debra spent many years in the dance industry and was a co-owner of a dance studio. Two of her children are still in the dance world which is why she still thinks of herself as a dance mom.