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    Client's Fingers Amputated
    Client's fingers were amputated by a crossbow. We found that the design of the crossbow allowed the client's fingers to go above the firing line which made the firing string act as a cheese cutter to their fingers when pulling the trigger.


    18-Wheeler Accident
    We have done a great deal of 18-wheeler cases. I will say the majority of truck drivers are honest and hard-working, but there are a few that are a danger to all of our families on the roads. In this case the truck driver swung out and into the path of our client, who was riding a motorcycle. He lost his leg. This is the type of negligence that has to be stopped. These cases not only help those injured by these few, but help keep others on the road safe


    Dram Shop Case
    Client's husband died in an accident where the other driver was served too much to drink by a bar - this is called a Dram Shop Case. This was a referral by another attorney. If someone is hurt by a drunk driver, they don't necessarily have just the drunk driver's insurance to help them. There could be more to the case. Don't leave stones unturned, call and we will discuss your options.


    Employee Killed On the Job
    Client's husband was killed when an 18-wheeler/semi-truck backed into him where he worked. The client called our office directly. This case started out as merely trying to help with a potential death benefit for the wide and children, but, our investigation realized there was something very wrong with the way he died. We uncovered the facts and fought for our client to get the best outcome she could for herself and her children.



    Auto Accident
    Client was severely injured when another vehicle turned left in front of his vehicle. We have handled a multitude of these types of car wreck cases, but each one is different. We want to hear the facts of your accident. In this case, the client called our office directly and we fought for her, just as we'll do for you. Give us a call today.