Stewart grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he graduated from Cascia Hall High School.  He spent a year at Creighton University in Omaha, and while loving the people he met there, transferred back to Tulsa and graduated from the University of Tulsa.  After graduation, he began selling trauma and spinal implants and was so successful, he began traveling the country and Europe selling and also designing spinal implants.  He loved the work, loved feeling like he was helping people with products that he believed in, but, after ten years of selling he knew he wanted to go to law school.

He attended Texas Wesleyan School of Law, (now known as Texas A&M School of Law) while he also worked full time.  He thrived in law school and was the Hooding Speaker at his graduation in 2002, an honor the other law students elect person to do.

S. D. Matthews & Associates PLLC was started in in 2005 in an office in Plano, Texas.  He quickly earned a reputation as being a fierce opponent in the court room.  His belief in the law and his determination that every client is worthy of fair and equitable treatment, enabled Stewart's desire to do more for clients than just run them through the process.  After all, while some cases are straight forward, no two cases are the same. There are different facts, different desires, different cities, different states and the laws effect each in a different manner - and as such, each case needs and deserves individual attention.

Stewart's philosophy with his law firm is that "We Win When You Win".  This philosophy is practiced daily at S.D. Matthews & Associates, PLLC.  The majority of our cases are injury cases, which we work on a contingency basis.  (Our attorney's fees on contingency cases are 40% with any costs being reimbursed to the firm).  We represent our clients, we advance the court costs of pursuing the cases and we defer the attorney's fees until the clients collect on their case. We collect our fees and costs at summation of the case.  If we don't win - we don't get paid.